If you tried to access the blog late last night or early this morning, you might have got a message that “this account has been suspended.” My hosting service, JustHost, apparently decided I had too much CPU usage (on a text site that gets 50-70 page views a day). This happened right after I installed that “possibly related posts” plugin, so I deleted it immediately. I’m hoping that will help, and will try and follow a couple of their tips to keep that from happening again.

But when my yearly contract with JustHost runs out in a couple months, I don’t intend on using them again. They didn’t give me any warning about this, and their email tried to say that because of the high CPU usage I need to move my account to a dedicated server – a shift in cost from $4 a month to $150 a month. They also continually try to “upsell” me, getting me to pay for more services I don’t want. My best impression is that all this is because they’re a gimmicky cheapie service, offering a price (the aforementioned $4 a month) that’s too good to be true. I want to move my service to somewhere I pay a bit more but get treated honestly. (If I’m starting to use too much of your resources, give me a warning, and then let me move up to a different plan that costs a little more than the previous one.)

Readers, do any of you have self-hosted blogs? If you do, what hosting service do you use? How long have you used it? Are you satisfied with it? Have you had problems like this?