I don’t normally make posts that are just links to external content, especially if that content is not particularly philosophical. But the material conditions of the academic philosopher’s life are a topic that has come up here several times before, and probably will again soon enough. This poem, by the anonymous blogger Paraphernalian, expresses my own reasons for leaving faculty work, far more beautifully than I could have myself. My only change is that I don’t necessarily intend to leave the academy itself, just faculty work – there are plenty of jobs in academia (especially for PhD holders) where the market is not like this. But that’s a small point. If you have ever spoken the words “don’t give up” – or their equivalent – to a PhD holder who is considering non-faculty work, you must read this short poem. If you are trying to find a faculty position or will be soon, you should read this too, so that you may consider your other options. Leaving the faculty market is not about losing hope – it’s about regaining it. Read, and take heart:

because: a manifesto